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A Life Well Documented

[One of Sylvia Drew's extraordinary leather-bound albums photographed by James Fennell, The World of Interiors, September 2011. Click to enlarge.]

I'm on Instagram now. It's fun to try and capture interesting sights that come my way, but mostly I follow along with wonder at the photographs taken by friends and strangers. While I pause to snap an enormous gelato cone, others are raising the creative bar with incredibly original and compelling pictures of Paris street scenes or the Lincoln Memorial.

But writer and historian Turtle Bunbury's latest piece in The World of Interiors, September 2011, has inspired me to do something non-digital with those iPhone pictures I opt to print. Between 1909 and 1932, Bunbury's great-grandmother, Sylvia Drew, put together four remarkably intricate leather-bound albums documenting her family's life. The double page spreads feature vibrant collages composed with her own watercolors (she could paint cars, ships, and airplanes with flair), photographs, and printed souvenirs. Above is just a tiny sneak peek; this issue is a must see, not only for James Fennell's full-page photography of Drew's books but also for one of WoI's particularly creative Swatch stories (hint: country toiles in a quintessentially urban setting).


Emile de Bruijn said...

I got my copy of WoI yesterday - you seem to get them almost before we do - I suppose they publish them simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic. And yes their product photo shoots have become a kind of art form, haven't they?

Style Court said...

Emile -- yes! And I think the graphic appeal in this issue is fantastic!

Janet said...

I love your gelato photograph!

Style Court said...

Janet -- thanks! But the stuff you and the gentleman photograph blows me away.