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Fonts for the File

It's another detour post. While out trying to track down a vintage paisley tome, I came across a graphic book cover with a design similar to other late 1950s through 60s styles I've mentioned before: James A. Michener's Hawaii. The first edition published in 1959 is characterized by bold typeface in varied hues graduating from cool to warm. Immediately I thought of the ombre shading on The World in Vogue, 1963, cover. Again, it's interesting how these mid-century covers are so visually arresting yet "softer sells" than jackets featuring personalities.

In terms of recent books, the spine of Christiane Lemieux's Undecorate (sans jacket) has lettering with eye-catching gradations, and charming type is central to the look of Sibella Court's APA Design award-winning Etcetera.

Except for Hawaii, all of the books pictured here are my own. The stock image of Michener's early jacket is from Wikipedia but better views of the cloth-bound spine can be seen here and here. See others' passion for the island here and here


blue fruit said...

It's amazing what a difference a font makes to the spine of a book, and then subsequently, whether people select it or not depending on its appeal. Such a little thing, and yet such a big effect.

Style Court said...

blue fruit -- absolutely!

pve design said...

my daughter chose a paisley i-pod case.
i love it when i see things i love in a mod way.

Style Court said...

Patricia -- me too! Her iPod case sounds great. Just saw a brilliant green kind of paisley-like case at J. Crew :)