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Fit To Be Tied

 [Photo my own. Click to enlarge.]

It may not look revolutionary but I've had this bench in the back of my mind since 2010 when I first visited Ann Mashburn, the Westside Atlanta clothing boutique mentioned in yesterday's post. Not because I'm currently on the lookout for something similar. No, I just love what the plain wood bench with its loose tied-on cushions says about Ann's confident style.

A departure from the super-sleek or overtly girlie furniture often seen in chic women's shops, this bench feels warm and provençal yet not at all quaint. (Note the simple tailoring, absence of fussy trims, and understated knots rather than bows.) There's another piece covered in the same deep pink -- a dark-stained French Country bergere -- and both provide unexpected punch in the store's very pared-down, white-walled, kind of industrial setting. This contrast reminds me a tiny bit of designer Dick Dumas's sophisticated take on rustic French style. But Ann, who began her career at Vogue, has a style that's entirely her own. Something American with a hint of 70s glamour.

Remembering white walls with small splashes of pink, and country furniture mixed with abstract 20th-century art, I decided to rent the 1958 film, Bonjour Tristesse.

While I didn't spot any decorative dopplegangers, the shirt Jean Seberg wears casually tied throughout the movie made me think of the Mashburn cushion ties. (On the other hand, if you're drawn to elegant midcentury style mixed with rustic French, this is a good film for inspiration.)  

After Monday's post went up, I noticed that Ann and her menswear shop-owning husband, Sid Mashburn, have added vinyl to their online stores. The music collections are well worth a browse. And last year, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles photographed Ann at home. Click here to see her timeless, accessible style.

[Linen via Lewis and Sheron.]

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ArchitectDesign™ said...

yes, love the simple bench. I have to admit I hate fussy tassels and trims and things that so many decorators tend to love (I guess it's the architect in me!). This is just so simple and elegant.

Style Court said...

Stefan -- you would be so at home in the adjacent shop, Sid Mashburn. I think you'd love the architecture, decor and the clothes!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

wow, just looked up their website -it looks amazing!! Wish we had one in DC.

Style Court said...

Stop in Atlanta next time you're en route to Florida!

TSL said...

Kudos and dittos to this post and subsequent comments. Love those site links, now on favorites, where has me head been?

Style Court said...

Tina -- thanks!

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I love the simple bench with pink knots and will head over to see more of Ann's style at Atlanta Homes. Sweet to weave into Bonjour Tristesse! I was just thinking about this movie the other day!!! ; )

Style Court said...

Barbara -- you should do a post. I'd love to hear your take on BT!