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Erica and Erica

[Photography ©Erica Shires]

Erica Shires shot Erica Tanov's fall collection on location at The Spring in Berkeley, California. (And Coralie Langston-Jones modeled!) At first glance, Shires's poetic take on the place made me think a little of the garden ruins scene in 1998's Great Expectations. Don't get me wrong -- I only made a loose connection. The gardens surrounding the John Hopkins Spring estate don't quite have the utterly wild, completely overgrown wonderland look of the movie. But I was curious about the wide terraces, so I did some Googling.

Turns out engineer and landscape architect, Mark Daniels, originally designed the grounds of the early-20th-century house. If you have a budding interest in the history of West Coast gardens, he is an intriguing man to study. The Spring Mansion happens to be for sale, and while I'm partial to Shires's artistic study, some of Red Oak Realty's images show breathtaking Bay views.

Now I'm off to track down a copy of the new Elle Decoration, UK. It seems Erica Tanov's own much-more-intimately-scaled and highly personal house is featured in the magazine. When I come back, we'll look at a terrific San Francisco-area organization, Creativity Explored.

[Photo my own]

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Janet said...

Ahhh, you reminding me of old favorites today, Tanov and Terrell. Love the image's of Tanov's bedroom.

Style Court said...

And I just picked up Elle D UK :) More on the way!