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Detail Oriented

[The Asian vessels shown in this V & A grouping don't specifically relate to The Leopard -- apart from the vivid colors -- I just like the vignette. The piece on the far right is earthenware, Korean, with a crackled celadon glaze and dates from the 15th century.]

Now that Steven's piece about The Leopard has been published in today's NY Times, I can share two more details about the film that grabbed my attention. If you watch it tonight on TCM, look for the brilliantly colored bottles and decanters in the prince's expansive bathroom and take note of the flowers throughout the movie. See what you think. Period-accurate arrangements or fun 1960s poetic license, like Claudia Cardinale's hair?

[A grainy picture of the movie playing on my computer screen.] 

Also of interest: A Colorful Conversation.


Emile de Bruijn said...

Yes that profusion of coloured glass bottles does look a bit 1960s, doesn't it, from our 2010s perspective? Although at the same time it seems believably 1860s to me as well.

Apparently the production team spent a lot of effort distressing the red uniforms of the Garibaldini, including soaking them in tea (rather John Fowlerish, that), to make them look believable.

The white gloves worn in the ball scenes, on the other hand, apparently became stained with sweat so quickly that they had to set up a laundry room in the same palazzo to ensure fresh supplies.

I hadn't noticed the flowers that much - now I will have to go and watch it again :)

Style Court said...

I think the bottles feel period and the flowers feel 60s :)

Fascinating about the clothes. Love the red of the uniforms.