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Grab the Brass Rings

Unless you live near an extraordinary hardware emporium, it can be a challenge to simply pop into a brick-and-mortar retail shop and leave with non-clip unlacquered brass curtain rings in hand. I did the field research. Other supplies, like drapery hooks, I found at a neighborhood fabric store but on the ring front it was clips, clips, and more clips.

If I had not stumbled upon a great stash of chunky vintage rings at Etsy, I was headed to Restoration Hardware. (In an unfortunate turn of events, my fellow intown Atlanta residents and I -- typically spoiled by all the nearby city shopping -- lost our neighborhood RH. Now we have to trek a ways to the closest location.) Restoration Hardware currently offers double loop style rings in a variety of materials and finishes, and although I didn't intend for this post to sound like a review, I will add that I found the salespeople to be friendly and helpful on the phone. But back to Etsy, it's a source worth remembering for old hardware and supplies. For fun, check out this antique folding engineer's ruler.


The Devoted Classicist said...

I love measuring devices and never travel to Europe without a pocket tape measure in both inches and centimeters, a handy tool for conversion. I have a supply in the 99 cent range, useful but not as stylish as the silver Tiffany version owned by Mrs. Onassis (which sold for about $48,000 including the buyer's premium, to decorator J.P. Molyneaux, if I am not mistaken).

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Great reminder. I often think of ebay but seldom etsy for things of this nature! Curtain rings -I'm intriqued -whats the project?

Style Court said...

Stefan -- this time something logical -- curtains :)

Already had an old rod.

John -- I love tools and instruments with flair!

Tokyo Jinja said...

Any chance you have enough to share?? I have been furiously looking for some too!

Style Court said...

Jacqueline -- I might! Have to see how the project goes.

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

I never thought of looking on Etsy for rings. I am always looking for hardware...and textiles. Top two things on my list.