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Following the Karun Collection

 [Detail views, Indian chintz red ground Palampore circa 1700, the Karun Collection.]

For textile enthusiasts, the Karun Collection blog is a must-read. With a focus that emphasizes sharing information not commerce, territory covered includes Indian trade cloth, African textiles, glass beads and much more. Recently I spent time pouring over this red ground Palampore (bed-cover or wall-hanging), a stunning piece that had been on loan to the V & A. By the way, the show-stopper also happens to be featured in Hali, summer 2011, as part of a profile on textile collector Karun Thakar.

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Emile de Bruijn said...

Loving that elegantly bold blue and red chintz - and fascinating how the shapes are filled with semi-abstract abstract patterns.

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Yowzer!!! I just fell into a rabbit hole of lust...thanks for the lead.