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Final Days: Ruan Hoffmann at Anthro

[All ceramic work shown here by Ruan Hoffmann. Images courtesy Anthropologie and the artist.]

There's still time to catch the exhibition of one hundred ceramic plates, Much Love Me, by South African artist Ruan Hoffmann, currently on view through July 28 in the gallery at Anthropologie’s Rockefeller Center location.

Hoffmann is a painter and he approaches his ceramics as he would a canvas.

Some of his pieces, to me, resemble ripped patterned textiles while others have the faintest suggestion of iconic Wedgwood or old Asian pottery.

His abstract work also emphasizes the fragility of ceramics, with rims like deckle-edge G. Lalo paper (just my own analogy).

[Taikkun Yang Li, Underglazed porcelain cola bottles via Pagoda Red.]

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quintessence said...

Love these!! Somehow missed the announcement of first time round. I'm going to try and stop by next time I'm in the city. I like your G. Lalo analogy - I can definitely see that!

Style Court said...

Q --

Glad you don't think my comparison is crazy :) Worried I might be the only one. Hope you get to see the show.

Kate Lewis said...

wow! these look amazing. love the detail- wish i could see them in person :)

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