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Worth Exploring: When Art Meets Science

 [X-ray of painting on panel. ©National Trust/3DX-Ray]

Earlier this week, Treasure Hunt's Emile de Bruijn shared more of James Young's stunning x-rays of decorative objects. Helping National Trust conservators assess the condition of furniture, paintings and other pieces at Knole, Young has been capturing the inner workings of the objects. (Young is with the company, 3DX-Ray.)

[X-ray of seat. ©National Trust/3DX-Ray]

Again, Emile writes eloquently about the intersection of art and science, so the post is another must read. It inspired me to return to LACMA’s Conservation Center for the latest happenings there.

[Screengrab from LACMA conservation video]

Right now, a significant conservation project -- the ongoing restoration of a rare scroll, Buddha Shakyamuni Preaching to the Assembly on Vulture Peak -- may be viewed by the public in LACMA's Korean Art galleries. It's highly unconventional for conservators to do sensitive restoration like this in a very public setting, and apparently kids have been especially captivated by the team's work. This video offers an overview. If you have plans to be in L.A. anytime between now and September, 2011, you can get a glimpse of the undertaking in person.

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The Devoted Classicist said...

It is fascinating how technology has helped art conservation, not the least being how the internet has put so much valuable documentation at one's fingertips, and usually for free at that.

Style Court said...

John -- yes! And maybe our shared enthusiasm for Young's images will lead to a publication of some sort, available to the general public for purchase to benefit the NT.

Emile de Bruijn said...

I have just heard that it is difficult to make high-res images with this mobile technology as yet. So sadly we will not be able to feature them through our photo library, but a book or exhibition or both might still be possible.