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[Lulu de Kwiatkowski's cotton-linen print, Colors.]

Now, one of my connections. In Gail Levin's book, Lee Krasner: A Biography, she writes that during Krasner's first Friday morning after-class critique, teacher Hans Hofmann took Krasner's drawing and tore the lower part of it into pieces, reassembling the bits to convey a way she might achieve something more dynamic. Levin goes on to wonder if Hofmann's bold methods "unintentionally suggested the possibility of collage to Krasner."

Today when I was looking at Lulu de Kwiatkowski's cotton-linen print, Colors, I thought of the various scenes about ripping and collage described in the biography.

[Design 1219: textile design by Sonia Delaunay (French, born Russia, 1885–1979),
France 1933. Gouache on tracing paper.
Produced by Metz & Co. on silk. 
Private collection © L & M SERVICES B.V. The Hague.]

The Lulu DK print also reminds me a little of two Sonia Delaunay textile designs included in the catalogue accompanying Color Moves.

[Tissu simultané no. 145
Designed by Sonia Delaunay (French, born Russia, 1885–1979)
France, 1926 Block-printed silk crepe de chine. Musée de l’Impression sur Étoffes, Mulhouse, 980.539.2, 4
© L & M SERVICES B.V. The Hague.]

Art world Kevin Bacon game: Hofmann and Sonia's husband, Robert Delaunay, were friends.

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Amanda said...

I love collage! I used to use it in all of my paintings as a background but stopped...I should get back to it! Great Post!