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Digital Matter

Coming across the High's piazza, with the sun obscuring my view of the Anne Cox Chambers wing just a bit, I thought I spied an 18th-century console.  Coquillage? No. Maybe silver leaf?

[My view]

Actually, I was looking at the museum's new Joris Laarman commission, Digital Matter, an incredible kinetic installation with a robot (Abbey the robot) programmed to build high-definition, digitally ornamented Rococo-like tables using thousands of tiny building blocks (voxels).

The installation is part of Modern by Design, a dynamic decorative arts exhibition opening to the public Saturday, June 4. Throughout the course of the show, Laarman's pieces will be constructed in place for visitors to see. Not surprisingly, children seem to be captivated by Digital Matter.

As I type this, I can't say for certain if any tickets are still available, but Laarman, an acclaimed Dutch designer, will be at the High this evening to present a 7 p.m. lecture and behind-the-scenes peek at his commissioned work.

There's much more to say about the now iconic furniture on view in Modern by Design, so I'll be covering the exhibition throughout the summer.


Boo said...

Wow, that looks SO cool! Technology is amazing... - Boo

Jamie Herzlinger said...

What an interesting idea! I am excited to attend this exhibit!
I just caught up on some of your recent post! Always true to form and wonderful.
Thanks for all the super knowledge.
Have a great weekend!
Jamie Herzlinger

Niki P. said...

I got a preview last night, it's fantastic!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Unbelievable - you were right - I can't wait to show the boys.