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Beautiful on the Inside

[Central Anatolian village carpet, LACMA. Composite ultraviolet reflectance photograph documented by Yosi Pozeilov and published in Hali, winter 2007.]

This isn't a summer re-run.  I'm just quickly popping in this morning to direct your attention to a really fascinating post over at Treasure Hunt, and to compare and contrast a scientific ultraviolet photo of an Anatolian carpet taken during investigations at LACMA’s Conservation Center (previously posted here) with the National Trust's stunning 3D X-Rays of furniture at Knole. Read all about the latter here.

[©National Trust/3DX-Ray]


Karena said...

Courtney this sounds fascinating.... off I go!!


Art by Karena

Emile de Bruijn said...

Thanks for the mention. Two objects seen as the naked eye cannot see them, fascinating.

Emily Amy Gallery said...

Thanks so much for this wonderful post. The National Treasure post is amazing!

Janet said...

It is amazing that the scientific analysis of an object can be as beautiful as the object itself. Love this post and Emile's.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Wow... this is just incredible. I love the relationship of art + technology here, and the whimsical nature of these photographs. Thank you so much for sending me to Emile's post!
; )