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Royal Threads

 [Screengrab, CBS news video.]

When you heard that Royal School of Needlework embroiderers hand-made the lace appliqué for Catherine's dress, did a mental picture come to mind? Great-grandmothers hunched over with needle and thread in hand? Men? Young students? This video offers an interesting look at the School as it exists in the 21st century. Of course, the segment was produced shortly before Sarah Burton's extraordinary design was revealed to the world but it's absolutely worth a look.

Lace in Fashion, a textile exhibition organized by the National Gallery of Victoria, just closed in January.  At this point, copies of the companion catalogue appear to be hard to find in the U.S. (sorry about the pea sized image). Hopefully the book will become available when the NGV's online shop launches. 

On the other side of the globe, in Birmingham, Alabama, another textile exhibition, A Stitch in Time, is set to open May 15 at the BMA. I realize it seems incongruous to mention this cultural happening in light of last week's natural disaster but I do want to help spread the word about the show. Focused on African-American stitching traditions in the Deep South, this exhibition draws from the Museum's expansive collection of American quilts including works by the Freedom Quilting Bee, Nora Ezell, Yvonne Wells, and Chris Clark.


Emile de Bruijn said...

Thanks for sharing that informative videa about the Royal School of Needlework - I didn't really know much about them until now. A wonderful bit of living heritage: repairing beautiful objects and handing on skills at the same time.

Style Court said...

Emile -- Definitely. I was intrigued by the age range of the students and the Hampton Court location.

Janet said...

I took a peek in the door of the RSN when I was at Hampton Court. Amazing!

LINDA from Each Little World said...

Loved the video, thanks for the link. The RSN used to do limited summer classes in Iowa (I believe that was the state). I was hoping to sign up when they stopped offering them. Just imagine the instruction — even if you never did a thing, it would be worth the understanding you'd get.

Style Court said...

Janet --

You were closer than you realized to the intrigue...well, and as it turned out, the dress too!

Style Court said...

Linda --

Oh, so close! Definitely would have been enlightening.