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African menagerie themed notepads and journals from Kate Spade have inspired me to do a riff on past gift pairing posts.

One of my favorite things to give babies is still Sophie the Giraffe. Apart from her charm and African/French associations, she's truly useful. Next time I'm invited to a baby shower, though, I might also tuck in a handy set of Spade notepads  for mom.

Remember Zarafa? The amazing journey of the first giraffe ever seen in France is chronicled in Michael Allin's 1998 book, Zarafa: A Giraffe's True Story. In light of Sunday's post, it's worth noting that the adventurous tale encompasses history of le Jardin des Plantes and the menagerie. In cased you missed it, there's a very interesting excerpt over at NPR.

[Le Jardin over at Vimeo.]

Anyway, for a grown-up friend with an early summer birthday, I'd now pair a copy of the book with the set of petite journals. All in all a more affordable option than some of my past pairings.

An alternative to the journals would be these olive wood skewers handmade in Kenya.

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Linda@a design snack said...

Sophie the Giraffe makes a great puppy toy too.