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My Kind of Getaway

 [Collage courtesy Bubble & Squeak. For detailed credits, click here. The striped cloth is from Adire African Textiles and the basket is from Baskets of Africa.]

I wish I could say I've been meeting with Stefan about drawings for my fantasy getaway in Africa (or even report that I'm packing for a dream vacation near Kenya) but at the moment that's only happening in my head. So the gentlemen over at Bubble & Squeak were kind enough to let me put together several related inspiration boards. 

Bubble & Squeak is a blog about cabins but not just the log variety. Really it's all about hideaways and dreams. I was invited to play around with authentic African pieces, European fabric and vintage Ralph Lauren Safari perfume ads. Others have different fantasies. Click here to see the full range.

BTW: Regular readers know I've been blogging about the African textile exhibition, Global Patterns. Now there's great expanded coverage here.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I wish we were meeting to discuss anything really -how fun would that be :-) I always imagine I win the lottery and meet with some fabulous interior designer I hire (such as Miles Redd) to help me design my own dream house (with me as the architect naturally)!

Style Court said...

Stefan -- I know!

Bubble & Squeak said...

Stefan, Bubble & Squeak would love to hear about your fantasty weekend retreat too!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Courtney- your post is fabulous for Bubble & Squeak!! I love it all and especially your Karen Blixen mention. Fantastic as always.