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Fit to Print

[Joichi Hoshi, Japanese (1913-1979) Necklace (D), color woodcut, 1964. Hondo 123. Edition of 50. 13 x 11 inches. Signed in pencil. Conrad R. Graeber Fine Art.]

I've been browsing the sites of various dealers scheduled to participate in this weekend's first annual High Museum of Art Print Fair (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,  May 7 and 8). Conrad R. Graeber Fine Art is one of the 16 exhibitors slated to be there, and this ethereal Japanese woodcut from the 1960s is just an example of the kind of work I'm hoping to stumble upon while exploring the sale.  

As mentioned the other day, there will be prints from Old Masters (think Rembrandt and Dürer) as well as contemporary stars like Radcliffe Bailey, but I'll also have my eye out for the not-as-famous artists.

[Photo by Paul Costello with art direction by Sara Ruffin Costello for domino, April 2008.]

Running out of space to hang art? Take a page from Miles Redd's playbook and bring it into less expected areas, like the kitchen (consider works protected by sturdy glass and avoid placement right around the cook-top). I realize the picture above is one of the more obscure images of the designer's kitchen but I love the transition into his garden. A perfect sight to jump-start the weekend.

To learn more about printmaking, visit MoMA's interactive site.


Gifts By Katherine said...

I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine

Emile de Bruijn said...

I like the Hoshi woodcut: grounded in its medium and yet ethereal and poetic.

Anna said...

I love your blog.
Thank you for the reminder about the print fair! It will be a good reason for me to get to the museum before the Cartier-Bresson show is over.

This woodcut really is gorgeous. I love the Japanese aesthetic, in general; they do fabulous things with fabric and paper, don't they?

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Style Court said...

Anna --

Yes, definitely. You'll love the photography show. Thanks for stopping by!

Katherine -- many thanks!

Style Court said...

Emile --

This period when he focused on constellations really fascinates me. Glad you responded to it as well.