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Art World Couples

Last summer it was Francoise Gilot and Picasso; this year I'm planning to delve into the letters of Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz. But while I wait for GOK and AS, I think I'll finally make time to learn more about Lee Krasner, an important 20th-century artist who was also married to Jackson Pollock.

Receiving great reviews, author Gail Levin's Krasner biography brings the painter out of her husband's shadow. This relatively new release happens to be available in digital format, so I opted for instant gratification and downloaded a copy. See how stunning the color reproductions are? That was the one thing I was concerned about.  Much of Krasner's abstract work is nature-infused. Even in this tiny image, you can see a bit of her admiration for Matisse.

Later, I'll share my impressions but I wanted to quickly post a link to the WSJ review with a sneak peek in case you too are thinking about summer reads.

BTW: Only a few more weeks remain to see the blockbuster exhibition that pays homage to Sonia Delaunay, groundbreaking artist, textile designer and wife of Robert Delaunay.

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