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Vogue's View II

Just to clarify, and so you don't think I'm completely crazy, the previous post was intended to be specific to weddings in The World in Vogue (first edition, covering the decades between 1893 to 1963).  In the past I've mentioned that it's an amazing tome filled with iconic portraits, fashion, fine art, literature and world affairs. (Jacqueline Bouvier's 1951 Prix Vogue article is included along with writings from Ernest Hemingway and Truman Capote, to name only a few.) Currently, though, Vogue Daily has a beautiful slideshow with a much more detailed look back at a century of royal wedding dresses. Here Hamish Bowles shares with us the images that appeared in individual issues of the magazine. Look for more sketches by Feliks Topolski, wonderful photographs of the brides, and background on the designs.

And speaking of Hamish, don't forget to check out Vogue's new Met Gala app. Okay, now I'm off to explore some trees.


My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I loved Hamish B's slideshow... I think the train on [then] Princess Elizabeth's Hartnell dress was just beautiful. And, more Topolski sketches... charming!

Style Court said...

Barbara -- I know! His piece wasn't up yet when I published my post, so when I saw it -- wow. Much, much more to see :)

Zelda said...

I' always impressed by the amount of links you can insert in a text , it 's not an easy task ! And it's poling up so much info , well done I love to read you .

Style Court said...

Thanks, Zelda!