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That 70s Cloth

[Ebira woman's wrapping cloth, Somorika, Nigeria, circa 1970. Hand-spun cotton, warp ikat. Museum der Kulturen Basel. Image published in Hali, winter 2009. Below, a detail view.]

Today I'm loving this indigo-hued cotton cloth from Africa. Handmade by women around 1970, it's composed of relatively subtle ikat stripes and was included in the 2009-2010 exhibition, Woven Beauty: The Art of West African Textiles, at Museum der Kulturen Basel. Writing for Hali, Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff described these warp ikat stripes as "enchantingly simple, artfully arranged."

Although definitely not the intended use, I can't help thinking how great stripes similar to these would look on an open-arm side chair.

Still on my wishlist, the accompanying catalogue explores a range of West African textiles including vibrant kente cloths.


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love the fabric and pattern, so vibrant!