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Nature Girls

 [My grainy shot of magnolia leaves.]

When Janet was in town she commented on how green everything is and she captured this abundant leafiness in her photographs. In fact, more of her take on 1920s Swan House can now be seen here. I was inspired to bring in someone else's discarded magnolia branches; we'll see if one blooms this weekend.

Of course, New Orleans-based painter Shelley Hesse is all about flora and fauna. I was thrilled to notice that her creative collaboration with Anthropologie has continued into 2011.  Click here to see the embroidered peacock pillow and other wares inspired by her work. An example from the 2010 collection can be found here.

The Iridescent Plumage Pillow aka "peacock" is linen, cotton, and jute. Images via Anthropologie.

You might also like the ceramics in the newly installed Peacock Room, Green Day II, and The Decorator Shop.


home before dark said...

Having been taking hostage north of the Mason-Dixon by love for almost 40 years, my garden in Zone 6 is still my true south. I have four different types of magnolias, the sweet bay is my favorite. Some times Mother Nature shows me who's boss and the flowers are freeze dried. Even so, the leaves and stems still are lovely and fragrant and carry lovely memories of gardens I have known. And for the season: one of my favorite pieces at the Nelson-Atkins Museum in KC is Caravaggio's John the Baptist...and at his feet is a spray of magnolia leaves! Happy spring, SC.

Style Court said...

HBD --

Evocative comment, as usual! You've inspired me to take a second look at that painting.

Also, you clearly know far more than I do about gardening. The branches I salvaged had been dragged along on the back of a truck but the scent and gloss are still in tact...we'll see.