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Good Morning Vietnam (and Laos)

[Detail view: cotton with silk and cotton embroidery, Lai Chan Province, Vietnam, mid-20th century. Marla Mallett.]

I'm starting the day with one more reference to Ralph Lauren's spring 2011 Blue Label collection.

When I spotted his silk duster with Vietnamese-inspired stitching, I became more curious about embroideries from Southeast Asia. Shown here are two examples with an indigo-dyed cotton brocading from Laos added to the mix.

[Cotton, with silk and cotton embroidery, Sapa area, Vietnam. Marla Mallett.]

[Detail view: Tai Dam blanket panel, Laos, mid-20th century. Marla Mallett.]


Divine Theatre said...

The fabric is lovely, you can feel the soul of its creator...and can SOMEBODY please feed that poor model?

Lacquered Life said...

Wow, I absolutely love the last dark blue one. Its very graphic, very modern.

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful! Love these patterns! Vietnam is high on my travel wishlist!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love the textiles, I can never get enough.

Tokyo Jinja said...

Have you seen the work Carol Cassidy is doing?( is extraordinary! They really brought the art of weaving back to life in Laos.

Style Court said...

TJ --

Appreciate the link!

BTW, I've seen the duster in person -- stunning!

Julie Grant Weiss said...

Love this post. Great pix. I'm a huge fan of Vietnamese Hill Tribe fabrics. It's interesting to see RL is using these as in inspiration. I'm selling some Hilltribe pieces my new website: (with more to come in the coming weeks).

Tokyo Jinja said...

You are making me want to go to the market this weekend and find myself an old futon cover to make one with!

theadventuresofacoupleinlove said...

There are other countries that are doing wonderful works of fabric art.
Here's a link for one of them: