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Informing the Eye

[Purple-splashed 'Jun' Bowl, Yuan Dynasty. Sotheby's.]

[Han Dynasty iron and bronze finials. Large finial at left with scroll detail is inlaid with gold and silver. Sotheby's.]

 [Southern Song Dynasty 'Jizhou' censer. Sotheby's.]

I've been browsing some auction catalogues. Just looking, admiring, and learning. For me the books are simply a source of inspiration, but Sotheby's does have a big upcoming sale with a few possibilities for collectors without terribly deep pockets: Informing the Eye of the Collector: Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art from J.T. Tai & Co., part of Asia Week March 18-25.

J.T. Tai was a prominent New York-based dealer from 1950 until his death in 1992. Last year his Imperial ceramics sold for record-breaking prices in Hong Kong, and the remainder of his collection will be sold in NYC during a day sale on March 22. A smattering of the pieces have modest estimates, beginning at $100. Not the wares shown here, though. These are among my favorites and happen to have estimates that are a bit higher. Click here to explore.

[XiXia Dynasty tall ceramic vase with carved lotus detail. Sotheby'.]


meenal @ maison marigold said...

These pieces are indeed beautiful!! I was happy to find your lovely comment on my blog today...infact this was one post i really wanted to you to read!! thankyou!! xx meenal

Style Court said...

Meenal --

Your photographs are wonderful.

Stylebeat said...

These are wonderful