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Appreciating the Little Things

Les Indiennes' indigo cloth folios, shown above, are actually not little (the largest is 22" x 15.5") but their reduced prices put them in my "modest luxuries" category.

Some of you may remember the sketch books from a past post. All of the handmade pieces in the collection have a deep-pink linen binding and ribbon page marker or ties with an orange interior. I always seem to have a stack of need-to-eventually frame prints or drawings wedged between cardboard and stuffed into a closet. The bigger folio would be a nice alternative. Someone with an ample coffee table or spare corner could take Annette de la Renta's lead and put the folio on view.

The tiny perfume decanter by Jill Henrietta Davis is something I picked up at Anthropologie's Westside Atlanta location. With the stopper removed it's an ideal vase for little clippings. What really sets it apart, though, is not showing off in my pictures -- small drops of color hand-blown into the bottom of the container. Mine has opalescent shades but other options include blue-green and pinks with orange.  When water hits the bottom magic happens. 

And while we're on magic, late last night I noticed a larger format preview of sculptor Elizabeth Turk's Ribbons exhibition catalogue here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Courtney,
I am hoping that you can answer a question for me. Years ago Domino did a piece on a couple living in Kenya. They were artists and I am interested in their paintings. Do you have any memory of this, and if so, do you have the article? You have pointed me in the direction of so many lovely things....I would love to find one of these paintings! Thank you for any effort. Very best, Allison

Style Court said...

Hi Allison,

You've got me curious! Let me check back issues and ask around. Or maybe a reader will know.

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Thank you! Their home was blissful, I would love to see it again.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

I just love the Les Indiennes folios and thanks for reminding me to buy one. Turk's ribbons are really quite amazing! Thanks Courtney ; )

Janet said...

The Turk catalogue is magnificent!

Style Court said...

Allison --

I'm still going through the back issues. Thanks for your patience!

Style Court said...

Janet, Barbara --

Aren't they incredible?

allison said...

Oh that's great news. I believe one of them was related to Karen Blixen. Their home was a beautiful Dutch colonial/Kenyan hybrid and they had a huge bathroom that was sort of like a living room! Good luck, but don't look too long....I've given myself a brain melt over it and can't find a thing! xo Allison

Style Court said...

Allison --

I may have found some of the images in photographer Paul Costello's portfolio. Could you click through and let me know if you spot the artist or house? Then I'll know if we're talking about the same person :)


Anonymous said...

You did it! Yes, that is the couple with the little girl and the woman is painting in her studio. There is also a photo of a simple table in their kitchen. He had the loveliest paintings. The whole thing was so pretty. Even if I never find the artist - I am quite grateful to you for being so kind. I hope you had a lovely St. Patrick's Day! Allison

Style Court said...

Allison -- great! I'm so glad we've narrowed down the images. They are favorites of mine as well. Now I'm working on identifying the artist.

Happy St. Patrick's to you, too. Please stay tuned!