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Soft Focus

[Above and below, Guinevere's antique dhurries.]

Fringed scarf above and dress below from Calypso St. Barth.]

[African Yoruba fabric pillow from Guinevere.]

[Guinevere's dhurrie-covered trunks photographed by Tyrone Wheatcroft, Selvedge,  issue 18.]

Sun-bleached, not-so-crisp stripes are on my mind. All of the hazy, painterly, dip-dyed and tie-dyed pieces in Calypso St. Barth's spring lookbook seem to have gotten to me, so, this weekend I'm hoping to do another textile project. A second pillow, to be exact. But maybe not dip-dye. I've been pouring over Guinevere's antique textile collection assembled by Heather Weaver. Those old Indian cotton dhurries she finds have such enduring appeal, and I'd like to use paint to mimic the look of the faded, time-worn, flat-woven stripes -- something to compliment the block-printed pillow posted a few days ago.

Above is a roundup of inspiration. You may have seen Guinevere's dhurrie-covered trunks in Selvedge,  issue 18 (or here in a past post). All of the individual dhurries pictured are from Guinevere, too, and the African Yoruba fabric* pillow is yet another Weaver find. What's with the image of The Inn at Perry Cabin? Actually, there is a striped rug in the Inn's Miles Room, but I included the screengrab from Kate Headly's 8mm of Brenda and Scott's wedding because of the film's soft, sun-dappled focus.

*More on African textiles here and here.


Unknown said...

Mmmm, my favorite! I can almost smell the sun in these yummy fabrics. Perfect pick me up on a winter's day (even if it is rather beautiful in los Angeles :))

Tokyo Jinja said...

The drool is hanging out of the side of my mouth...I am dying for a dhurrie and have been for years!

The Devoted Classicist said...

The dhurrie covered trunks are particularly chic. That gives me inspiration for some antique carpet remnants that I have been reluctant to discard.

My Dog-Eared Pages said...

Just love these soft stripes. Thanks for leading me to Guinevere!

La Maison Fou said...


Love that outfit, and those trunks!


Wendy said...

The pillow... I very much want. :)

quintessence said...

I'm loving all these lovely stripes. Guievere is a wonderful source for a few too many things!! I stayed at the Inn at Perry Cabin last May - and while I don't remember seeing the striped rug, it is a truly beautiful spot and a fabulous place to stay.

Evan said...

Do you have a link to a better picture of the trunks? Wonderful post! Thanks.

Style Court said...

Hi Evan --

These are all I have of the blue-and-white. Sorry! You could click on the Selvedge link for a back issue of the magazine. I believe a brown stripe trunk is currently on Guinevere's site.