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The Same but Different

The composition is a repeat of the Truman Capote shot but this postcard just arrived from London. A wonderful friend knew how much I'd appreciate the V & A's Turkish fritware panels. According to the Museum, fritware was essentially a convincing substitute for high-fired Chinese porcelain -- an artificial ceramic. Composed of fine quartz powder rather than clay, the whiteness of fritware heightened blue glazes. (Check out a gorgeous array of the wares here.)

The thoughtful postcard definitely took me back to Dining By Design, 2007, and Margaret Russell's tented vignette with Isnik-inspired fabrics by Mehmet and Dimonah Iskel.

Truth be told, the creative tables Margaret has been involved with typically are my favorites, so I was happy to see the editor is being honored this year for her contributions to DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS, the beneficiary of Dining By Design). She is credited with helping the event grow from a smaller one night, one city affair to a highly-anticipated multi-evening series that tours nationwide. Read all about the 14th annual happening here.

All images my own.


meenal @ maison marigold said...

It is beautiful..the intricacy of the design is amazing...It looks a lot like the blue pottery from Rajasthan but lot more refined, I would say.After my recent trip to the Tajmahal I'm particularly drawn to persian/mughal designs. I'll be doing a post on my impressions of the Taj on drop by if you have a moment..I really admire your passion for detail, Courtney... Have a great weekend!!


home before dark said...

Love stripes. Love paisley in stripes. Love pattern, pattern, pattern. Are my 60s girl showing? Have you discovered:

This is your pillow project living large! Dream, big, no?

La Maison Fou said...

Exactly. I get it!
Love the post card, and the faded out print in MR vignette is great!

Style Court said...

Thanks Meenal -- you've piqued my curiosity!

HBD -- I almost stamped paisley over a thick stripe :) Appreciate the link.

Leslie -- Glad you don't think I'm too off here!

Janet said...

Oh, good. I am glad to see the post man has delievered! Just getting caught up on blogging. . .