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Good Things from Seema

[Pillows by Seema Krish. Example above is hand-block-printed and hand-embroidered cotton, and the pillow below is woven. Both have silk zip pulls.]

I'm only part way through Nada Chaldecott's book, Dhurries, but she has opened my eyes to a world of rhythmic patterns beyond the iconic stripes I already love. And now, thanks to a tip from textile designer Seema Krish, I've added another dhurrie edition to my wishlist: Dhurrie: Flatwoven Rugs of India by Shyam Ahuja.

Like Chaldecott's comprehensive work, this volume also shines a light on rugs that have been less appreciated than their knotted pile carpet cousins. When I Googled Ahuja searching for past reviews, I came across a related 1980s Times piece on the rise of the humble Indian dhurrie. 

[Image courtesy Seema Krish.]

Seema's own work, shown here at the top, is informed by her Indian heritage and she has an impressive textile-related library, so I listen when she recommends a book. To learn more about her studio and collection, click here and here.

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Designwali said...

thanks for these introductions...that first pillow is dreamy!

meenal @ maison marigold said...

It looks like 'kantha' work( from Bengal) on the first pillow...I am keenly following your journey in the world of dhurries, Courtney and Shyam Ahuja is a good find...I recently bought a beautiful dhurrie for my daughter's room from them...they do have a great collection and do custom sizes too which is the best part.Thanks for sharing!!

seema said...

Thanks Courtney- I appreciate the mention.
In the next month, I will hopefully have some new designs to share with you...
I continue to enjoy reading your blog for the wealth of information and visuals.