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Dhurries on eBay

This morning, Tokyo Jinja kindly sent me a link to eBay listings for Nada Chaldecott's book, Dhurries. A few of the sellers have included terrific images of the book's pages. In addition to all the color plates of specific flat-woven cotton mats, there are interiors with dhurries. The pictures really convey how comprehensive and lovely this volume is. Click here and here for a peek inside.


Karena said...

Oh Courtney thank you so much for the links! I hope you were able to get the book.

Art by Karena

meenal @maison marigold said...

Thankyou Courtney... the book looks wonderful from what can be seen through your links.I would have loved to buy this book but shipping to India just doubles the price, which is a pity.

seema said...
Hi courtney, this is an awesome book on dhurries as well.