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Continuing the Thread: Simon Marks and More

[In this very close view of the Mehrangarh Museum complex, the architecture seems lace-like.] 

[Simon Marks' embroidered bedcover. Image ©Simon Marks Textiles. ]

Meandering pays off again. Last year, I mentioned an exhibition of Indian dhurries curated by textile designer Simon Marks at the Mehrangarh Museum in Jodhpur -- Durrie: Rural Charm to Regal Grandeur, Woven Wonders of Rajasthan. (That isn't a typo in the exhibition title; the spelling of the term for these flat-woven cotton floor-coverings changes depending on region.) Curious to see if I could find an exhibition catalogue online, I did a little Googling. No luck, yet, but revisiting Marks' site was fun.

If you've never explored it, the site is definitely worth a peek.  Apart from his portfolio of block-printed, hand-dyed and embroidered fabrics, there are behind-the-scenes glimpses of the production. A nice array of drawings can be seen, too. And you'll find more of his fabrics on Flickr. (The bedcovers are stocked at Cloth House in London.)

While I have nothing to report on the catalogue front, Nada Chaldecott's book, Dhurries: History, Technique, Pattern, Identification, has just been added to my wishlist. Marks mentions it in a piece he wrote for Hali, spring 2010.

On a loosely related note, for Atlantans, I discovered another textile paint source. Well, finally noticed is more accurate. Turns out a full assortment of the Jacquard line for natural fibers is currently on the shelves at Binders. I've probably passed the display 35 times, going in for different supplies, but with eyes previously fixed on the colorful rows of art papers didn't actually look up and see the DIY textile area until yesterday.


Karena said...

Courtney, how interesting I was looking at that first image and thought the same thing, gorgeous lace, wait....

The Dhurrie links are much appreciated!

Art by Karena

fay said...

oh how beautiful andi love the sky blue too fay xx

Janet said...

I will try to make it to Cloth House this week. BTW, the shakeit photo looks great!

Style Court said...

Janet --

Hope it works out. Thanks for introducing me to shakeit!

Fay, Karena --

Glad you enjoyed the images.

Tokyo Jinja said...

There is a copy of "Dhurries"on eBay right now...I have been stalking a smaller brown antique dhurrie for a while and remember seeing the book.
Good luck!

Style Court said...

Thanks Jacqueline!

permanent magenta said...

Have I mentioned how totally incredible you are??? The photos are gorgeous and i love the links. simon Marks' drawings are inspirational-and all the photos. really neat stuff. thanks for taking me around the world:)

Style Court said...

PM --

So happy the links and images inspired you!