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Virtual Escapes: Chinese Hand-Printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall

[Screengrab from a Studio Red Dot video about Shanghai's Chinese Hand-Printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall.]

Afternoon sinking spell? Maybe a two-minute escape to a cloth-filled secret garden in Shanghai will revive you. Studio Red Dot offers a peek into the boutique/intimate gallery known as Chinese Hand-Printed Blue Nankeen Exhibition Hall.  

[Screengrab from Studio Red Dot's video .]

Nankeen is a type of indigo batik that was for centuries the cloth of the common people. According to Travel + Leisure, the exhibition hall has batik samples dating back to the 19th century along with tools of the textile trade like wooden printing blocks and wax-paper cutouts. It's interesting to contrast the "people's fabric" with the textiles currently on view in the V & A's exhibition, Imperial Chinese Robes from the Forbidden City. Click here for a virtual visit.

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andrew1860 said...

Wow this is interesting and just today I bought a 19th century silk Kimono at a thrift store

Style Court said...

Sounds like a great find Andrew!

P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

I would def. feel revived-to me nothing is more beautiful that those indigos together. love. I am using the Lisa Fine Baroda you loved on a little window in the indigo and natural with the cabinets in indigo-I will have to snap a pic when complete.

Style Court said...


That combination sounds so lovely. Can't wait to see. I'm definitely enjoying mood indigo at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I was in this shop last month, on a trip to Shanghai. Down an obscure street, then down a long alley, and then you turn the corner into the garden and stop dumb with amazement. A highpoint of the trip. I bought a ton of fabric, hats, vests. Beyond beautiful.