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[Vase. Glazed earthenware with floral designs in black on a blue ground. Made at the Bombay School of Art (founded 1857), purchased at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition of 1886 in South Kensington. Victoria and Albert Museum.]

I've been gathering supplies and inspiration for this weekend's block-printing project. On the hunt for a little natural linen, I decided to give Hancock's a try before heading over to Lewis & Sheron. Some SCAD students were enthusiastically searching HF, too, looking for fabric to transform into something fab for their fashion design class (think Project Runway field trip), and that reminded me to post this link to deFINE ART-- a series of public lectures and exhibitions taking place in February at both the Savannah and Atlanta campuses.

[The open book is To India with Love and the wood block is from Pacific & Rose.]

In India well over a century ago, an anonymous potter at the Bombay School of Art made the 19th-century earthenware vase with textile-like floral design, shown at top. Midway through a museum search for old Indian textiles, I came across it. Just too lovely not to share. And speaking of India and aesthetics, another quick reminder: LACMA's 5th Annual Distinguished Lecture on South and Southeast Asian Art takes place tomorrow. Scholar Rosie Llewellyn-Jones will present Europeans and European Influence in Nawabi, Lucknow 1775–1856, Saturday, January 22 at 3 p.m.  Admission is free and reservations are not required.

Links of interest: The Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing, and Flovers.


HuntStudio said...

Ok I know this sounds weird but as I woke this morn I was thinking about my own wood blocks and what I could make. And then to my surprise is your blog, one of my daily reads, with a piece on wood block printing. You've now inspired me further.

Style Court said...

Glad the post inspired you! Sounds like you have far more experienc than me with woodblocks. We'll see how it goes. Enjoy your project!