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Inspiring Each Other

 [John Robshaw spring 2011 catalog. Photography by ]

Over the holidays, Mrs. Blandings and I exchanged a few messages about inspiration boards (not a huge surprise as these design staples have long been a popular blog topic), and she just posted her newest choice, commenting on the creative mix of images composed for the retailer's catalog.

Currently, my own board is covered with holiday cards which will soon be taken off and placed in a box. So, I need to start assembling a fresh composition for the new year. The back page of John Robshaw's spring 2011 catalog, as well as boards that appeared here in pre-Christmas posts*, have me thinking that a mix of the three dimensional with the flat is a must. I wanted to post the Robshaw image in part to add to the online dialogue but also because, on second glance, I noticed Ngoc Minh Ngo and Erin Derby did the photography. (Detailed views and full styling/design credits can be seen here.)

  Julia Lynn]

Above,  Angie Hranowsky's inspiration board. See more of her office here.

*For her holiday workshop at Anthropologie, Mary Randolph Carter also created a specific inspiration collage.


Terry said...

When I do this, it looks like a messy wall. When talented folks do it, it looks like art. Happy new year.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I could look at other people's inspiration boards all day long. Still floundering on size and several folks have mentioned the PB board's cork is too thin. I may be following your lead on the DIY.

Style Court said...

Terry --

Wishing you a terrific year of architecture scouting!


Designwali said...

I would love to create one of these for myself..currently its just in my head. Thanks for creating such a terrific blog. Happy new year!

Karena said...

Courtney, I will be putting mine together shortly and it will be such fun!

Art by Karena

Emily Amy Gallery said...

I have always wanted to have an inspiration board at the gallery for all to see. I have a HUGE folder of things to add to it that are saved in a drawer. Hmmmm, maybe I have just found a New Year's resolution for 2011!

Taylor Galen said...

Courtney, I found your blog through Charm Home. So glad I did! I love to look at other people's inspiration boards because it's like getting a peak into their brain. Great pictures! Happy New Year! -Taylor Galen

dana said...

wow, what a rich post this was. I was clicking on links so often that I didn't know if I was coming or going but I was always happy and inspired wherever I was. A great way to begin the year. thank you

home before dark said...

I agree with outsidetheworkroom's brain peek thing. Several years ago I bought a PB 4-panel screen that came with photo mounts on one side; the back side a message board. On the front, which shields the messy cords of computer world (no wireless here), I put pictures of the women in our family and literary quotes that remind me of them. The back side that backs up to my work area is the messy part that no one sees but me. Quotes that inspire; pictures that remind me; images that make my heart melt. It works for me. Looking forward to another art-filled lovely SC.

annechovie said...

Your blog is always an inspiration, Courtney! Happy New Year! xo

Style Court said...

Thanks Anne! Happy New Year.


Style Court said...

HBD --

Your use of quotes makes me think of Bonnie Cashin's graffiti wall. How inspired.

Style Court said...

Designwali -- Happy 2011 to you too!

Style Court said...

Emily --

I'd love to see that. I know it would be stunning.

Style Court said...

Patricia --

I would've gone with an enormous DIY board but the framing cost held me back :(

Karena -- Happy creating!

Taylor, Dana --

So glad you stopped by. Happy New Year!