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Cloisonné and the 1980s

[Vase, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period, Cloisonné enamel on copper alloy, gilt bronze
17 1/8 x 10 5/8 in. (43.5 x 27 cm) Brooklyn Museum, Gift of Samuel P. Avery, 09.598.]

These are the good kind of winter blues. Back in December, I mentioned Atlanta-based designer Capella Kincheloe's affinity for 'Jingtai blue,' and posted a brief notice of the upcoming Bard Graduate Center exhibition, Cloisonné: Chinese Enamels from the Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasties. The show opens a week from today, January 26, so the exhibition page has been updated with more wonderful preview images. And the 368-page catalogue is now available for pre-order.

Through Cloisonné, enamel pieces from Les Arts Décoratifs-musée des Arts décoratifs will be seen for the first time alongside objects from acclaimed U.S. public collections. For example, the vase shown at top (a personal favorite) will be on loan from the Brooklyn Museum.

Now, what's with my reference to the 80s? Today it's a stream of consciousness thing. Cloisonné is characterized by very vivid juxtapositions of color (in fact, before perfecting cloisonné in the 15th century, the Chinese found the mix to be garish). These strong combinations make me think of Charleston-based interior designer Angie Hranowsky's use of saturated color. In a recent blog post she shared her approach to working with color -- specifically a 1980s-inspired palette.


quintessence said...

Love Cloisonné! Love this - will have to put it on the "to see" list. Interesting segue - will hop on over after!

J.Covington said...

I too love Cloisonné... the intricate detailing from the artisan skill levels is stunning...