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Camels and Fringe

NTPL/Cristian Barnett]

[Desert Crossing Scarf from Anthropologie]

I'm supposed to be doing research for a possible post on fringe and frayed edges.

[Clockwise from the top: Ralph Lauren embossed leather cross-body bag; trim from Lewis & Sheron; screengrab from Charlie Rose's hour-long 1998 conversation with French painter Francoise Gilot -- program available in the archives here; Turkish towel spotted at Etsy; background images are jute fringe and tassel fringe from Lewis & Sheron.]

But camels keep distracting me. First, it was a tiny creature spied behind the Moorish-style fretwork in the London home of the late Kenyan poet, Khadambi Asalache. Emile de Bruijn of Treasure Hunt has written a must-read post about the modestly-scaled but magical house left by Asalache to the National Trust. Within his post is a link to another must-read: The Enduring Eloquence of True Beauty, a piece written by Emile for NT's ABC Bulletin (scroll down to page five).

Other camel sightings include Anthro's gauzy Desert Crossing Scarf (with delicate fringed edge), this wood block for hand-printing textiles, and a camel regalia story in the latest Selvedge (issue 38).

Just in:  9:35 p.m. Roni Jaco, owner of The Loaded Trunk, shares this photo snapped last year while traveling in India.


Divine Theatre said...

As long as you don't see camels, the grocery store or idling a car at a stoplight you should be okay!

Emile de Bruijn said...

A typically charming Courtney Barnes stream-of-consciousness (stream-of-camels!) post :)

Janet said...

Courtney, the camel scarf is so beautiful! The frayed edges make it look like a pice of ripped tissue paper. I think a trip to Anthropolgie is in order.