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Coming Soon: Angie Hranowsky's Office

 [Interior design by Angie Hranowsky
photography by Squire Fox. Originally posted here January 2010.]

I think most people are aware that Charleston, South Carolina is steeped in beauty and history but I've always hoped that a little something about the city's complexity and 21st century vibrancy also comes across in my posts that highlight the Gibbes and the talented designers and artists thriving there today. In that spirit, up next is a treat: a peek inside the offices of Angie Hranowsky and her creative building mates. I know everyone enjoyed the views of her home shared here last January. So, stay tuned!

[A view of Charleston captured by Janet Blyberg on her honeymoon.]


Concrete Jungle said...

I am waiting!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

This is so inspiring! I have a purple rug very similar to the one in Ms. Hranowsky's office. I have a large blank wall to fill...not as large as hers, but enough. This is definitely inspiring! Thanks!

Sarah said...

Uh! I can't wait...she is one of my absolute favorites! love her design and looking forward to seeing her work space - thank you!!