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Textile of the Day (and a Little Caffeine)

 [Detail view via Cora Ginsburg.]

Because of the exceptional workmanship that went into it, I chose this embroidered English picture as Textile of the Day. Not surprisingly, Cora Ginsburg online is where I spotted the piece. It's from the second quarter of the 18th century and is composed of hundreds of intricately dyed pieces of petal-shaped ombré wool (ombré means shaded, with colors graduating from light to dark) placed against a cream-colored twill ground.

 [Thread set via Bell'occhio.]

The gallerist also comments on the embroiderer's creative use of materials, such as the lush silk threads used to outline the soft veining on the leaves and the dimensional French knots used to fill the centers of the stylized carnations and zinnias. Click here to see the full piece.

Both the thread set and velvet ribbons shown above are cotton, not silk, but I had to sneak in a Bell'occhio reminder. Offering an array of unusual boxes, notions and assorted historically-referenced supplies, the unique San Francisco shop is a fun place to explore pre-holidays. How about tucking a coffee house gift certificate into Bell'occhio's velvety coffee bean box?


Unknown said...

Sounds devine and a great idea!


Style Court said...


Have fun experimenting!