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Starry Nights and Indigo Seas

This season Anthropologie has expanded their holiday offerings with handmade Nepalese wrapping paper. The tie-dyed indigo paper above (made from the renewable bark of lokta bushes) reminds me of an old African textile I posted last spring.

 [Gambia, first half of the 19th century. The British Museum, London (Af.2796). Image via the Met.]

Instead of thinking hippie dippy, when I look at the wrapping paper I see 19th century fabric, indigo seas and starry nights. 

[Crystalline Cockatoo and Tie-Dye paper available at Anthropologie.]

To be sure, any package wrapped with this crinkly paper will have an earthier, artsy edge but I'm envisioning something more ethereal and less summer-camp-project: A cluster of midnight-blue presents beneath an evergreen filled with glittering white and silver birds.  

Or Santa flying in the night. World Market has wonderful, affordable little paper animal ornaments -- safari creatures and Indian elephants -- that would look great tied to a gift.

I'm also drawn to green ribbon mixed with the blue paper. The hand-dyed Hanah silks might be nice (pictured above, top left) and Anthro is selling skinny velvet.

A few tips:

The Nepalese wrapping paper shown here costs $10 for three sheets measuring 27.5" x 19.75" each. To get the most for my money, I try to wrap as many small items as possible with this type of paper. It is thick, rarely tears, and is already crinkled, making it a perfect candidate for recycling. Another plus: boxes wrapped in these artisan sheets look terrific stacked next to larger presents wrapped in humble budget-friendly recycled kraft paper.

[One of my "batik paper" envelopes. Vintage brass crab purchased at High Street Market.]

See also: A World of Our Own Invention and Indigo Guys.

Santa riding the elephant is my own World Market purchase. No freebies were received in exchange for coverage.


Concrete Jungle said...

Looks like a gorgeous combination when multiplied! said...

Beautiful! What clever looking paper! Very Anthropology! For indigo seas of a different sort (as in living by the sea!!) stop back by my blog's post today! would love to see and hear from you!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous paper! so like IKAT fabric...and that indigo blue is really something. This would make presents too pretty to open!

Tokyo Jinja said...

It reminds me so much of Japanese shibori (tie-dye) fabric - has the rich indigo color too! I could see it adorned with little origami figures...

Barbara said...

Love the paper and velvety ribbon.
And what about that crab that seems
to be headed towards the envelope?
Great post.

Style Court said...

Thanks Barbara! I bought the crab at High Street Market

I should add that in the caption. Glad you prompted me.

Style Court said...

Tokyo Jinja -- Yes!

Style Court said...

CJ -- Definitely, multiples would be effective.

Style Court said...

CC --

So happy you like the deep blue too.

Sarah --

It's very textile-like, isn't it?

Karen + Sara said...

LOVE these!! hope you are having a FABULOUS fall!! xxx

Style Court said...

K + S,

Thanks! And you as well!