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Color Stories: Nepal

 [Pottery Shard, circa 330-880, Nepal, Himalayas. Ceramic, Unbaked (?) clay with red slip, 4 1/2 x 3 1/2 in. Gift of Robert Stolper, LACMA.]

This season West Elm is offering a collection of felt ornaments handmade in Nepal. Many are colorful but others, like my favorite simple snowflakes, come in snowy white. Thinking about the selections I was inspired to look for old Nepalese artifacts.

Shown above is a pottery shard, circa 330-880, from LACMA's collection of South and Southeast Asian Decorative Art. The faded and mottled reds remind me of an artist's palette, and the shard itself makes me think specifically of Zuzka Vaclavik's palette.

[Brooch, part of a set of jewelry, circa 1750-1850, Nepal. The Avery Brundage Collection, Asian Art Museum.]

This gilded silver brooch, encrusted with clusters of blue-green and coral-hued semiprecious stones, also resembles an artist's palette. (At least it does to me!) Click to enlarge and see the details, or better yet visit the Asian Art Museum to see the entire set of jewelry.

Whenever I stumble across affordable white felt snowflakes, I nab some; they last forever, never breaking, and have so much impact set against evergreen branches. I love tying them to presents, too.

 Ornaments via West Elm. Handmade wool snowflakes cost $6 for a set of four.

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Janet said...

Ahhhhh, a woman after my own heart (white felt snowflakes).