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Update: Mary Randolph Carter at Anthropologie

 [Anthropologie fall 2010 window, Charlotte, North Carolina.]

Back in September, I said that I won't be surprised to see stacks of Mary Randolph Carter's latest book, A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life, greet me when I enter Anthropologie later in October or November. (The new volume seems so in tune with the store's aesthetic and philosophy.) And, as mentioned yesterday, it turns out Anthro has scheduled some book signings with the author at select Virginia and New York locations.  You can find out the specifics in this revised blog post.  


Unknown said...

My design philosophy exactly! Thanks for pointing the book out , I might make it to the signing in NYC!
My house is never perfectly kept, just lovingly maintained...with all it's flaws, I prefer it to the perfect house.
I love Anthropologie, the only reason for not shopping there more often are the super prices.
But with some creativity one can set out and find all these beautiful things at yard sales, etsy, Ebay...
and of course sometimes Anthro!
Happy weekend!

Style Court said...

V --

I'm happy to spread the word. It's such an interesting, beautifully illustrated book and a great companion to all the conventional books related to houses, design etc. It makes you think about enjoying your surroundings--getting the most out of them and creating a home.


Unknown said...

Hoping you having a great fall day, Courtney.

Style Court said...

So far I am! Thanks Barbara -- same to you :)

quintessence said...

Great call - what having a perceptive eye is all about!