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There's More

I neglected to mention earlier that there is a budget-friendly softcover catalogue accompanying the Philadelphia Museum of Art exhibition, Desert Jewels: North African Jewelry and Photography from the Xavier Guerrand-Hermes Collection. For several decades, collector Guerrand-Hermès (yes, that Hermès) gathered both the historic documentary photographs and an array of intricate jewelry.

[Late-19th-century silver, coral, and enamel. Image via the Museum for African Art.]

In the book, scholar Kristyne Loughran discuses this vibrant North African jewelry in depth while professor Cynthia Becker explores the late-19th-century photography. It was the European fascination with archaeological expeditions in the region that initially drew celebrated photographers to the area. Details are available over at the Museum for African Art as well as the exhibition page.

[©Carter Berg and Ralph Lauren magazine.]

And while I'm on families in fashion (for those who missed the update to the Mary Randolph Carter post), Carter's son, photographer Carter Berg, shot the Bohemian Romance images I've been obsessing over in the new Ralph Lauren mag.


quintessence said...

I remember seeing photos of Mary with her sons when they were little in some magazine article - how is it possible that Carter is grown?! And so talented - totally in love with this spectacular image - and yes I had missed the update.

FABRICOTTI notperfectbutnice said...

Beautiful. Iris.

Karena said...

Desert is a beauty!!

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