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Katrin Sigurdardottir's Boiseries at the Met

[Katrin Sigurdardottir. Boiserie (detail), 2010. Image via The Metropolitan Museum of Art.]

Contemporary Icelandic artist Katrin Sigurdardottir has created for The Met two full-scale sculptural interpretations of 18th-century French rooms. Her installations are based on interiors preserved at the Museum, one from the Hôtel de Crillon (1777-80) on the Place de la Concorde, Paris, and the other from the Hôtel de Cabris (ca. 1774) at Grasse in Provence.

[Boiserie From the Hôtel de Cabris, circa 1774 (with later additions) Oak and plaster, painted and gilded; bronze-gilt, mirror glass, oak flooring, etc. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.]

Some details from the Museum on the materials she incorporates: "Sigurdardottir's distilled environments are composed of fiberboard, mirrors, and flat white paint, rendered with advanced technological and fabrication techniques." The exhibition opens October 19 and is part of The Met's series of solo exhibitions featuring the work of contemporary artists at mid-career.


Picture of Elegance Blog said...

Seeing the Wrightsman Galleries in a different light sounds very interesting.
On my next trip to NYC I'll make sure to visit this exhibit.Thanks for sharing.

Design Elements said...

interesting post. on my next trip i'll visit the exibit.

happy weekend

andrew1860 said...

I love 18th century French Boiserie. The Met rooms beautiful.