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Full Circle

Ever since I learned about the work of 2010 MacArthur Fellow and sculptor, Elizabeth Turk, I've been noticing intricate collars everywhere. Recently at Coleen & Company, I spied a grouping of 18th-century etchings of heraldic "colliers" worn by French nobility. (A partial sampling is pictured here, above and below.)

[Images courtesy Coleen & Company.]

Coleen's etchings also caught my eye because I remembered that Turk has done her own contemporary drawings of the Mint Museum's historic lace collection. Those studies served as a jumping off point for Turk's series of sculptures, The Collars.

[Lace top is from Marc by Marc Jacobs, via Shopbop; sweater is by Catherine Malandrino. Turk's sculpture is via the Mint Museum from the past exhibition, The Collars: Tracings of Thought. Click here for more on Turk's work.]

Update 2:20 p.m.

[Image via Amazon.]

Alexandra Byrne designed the costumes for Elizabeth: The Golden Age, many of which of course include dramatic Elizabethan collars (see them here), and Janet Blyberg makes a great visual connection with Grinling Gibbons.

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Who can resist those beautiful prints! I keep thinking Grinling Gibbons: