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Coming Soon: The Irish Country House

Soon I'll be talking about a gorgeous new book from Vendome Press, The Irish Country House by The Knight of Glin & James Peill. Although the architecture highlighted is stately, many of the rooms are imbued with an imperfect, somewhat disheveled eccentric charm. Having been lived in by generations of the same families, the interiors aren't done up in the evolved look, they are filled with pieces that really were acquired over time.

Here's a peek: Chinoiserie displayed on the neoclassical marble chimneypiece in the library at Glin Castle. Stay tuned here for more.


Karena said...

Courtney cannot wait to see more!!Love the marble on that mantle!

Art by Karena

Catherine Nolin said...

The cover alone sold me! looking forward to more inspiration. Catherine

quintessence said...

Sounds fabulous!! You had me at "disheveled eccentric charm" - works for both interiors and men - love it!!