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Anticipating: Chinese Style at the V & A

[From the top left: Illustration of a summer court robe worn by the Emperor, from The Illustrated Regulations for Ceremonial Paraphernalia of the Present Dynasty, commissioned by the Qianlong Emperor. China, 1736-1795 © Victoria and Albert Museum / V&A Prints; assorted books on Chinese decorative arts; and in the center, a red lacquer spoon.]

Since I last mentioned the V & A's upcoming exhibition, Imperial Chinese Robes from the Forbidden City, the museum has updated its site with more images and information. There is a curator's blog, a calendar of related workshops, talks, and seminars, and a special selection of Chinese-themed goods in the gift shop.

You may recognize a couple of the books pictured above from my past posts but there are other great titles to explore in the shop as well.

[Empress' court boots, 1662-1722. On loan from the Beijing Palace Museum. Click image to large.]

Rocking the tall boot, Qing dynasty style. Although three centuries of court robes form the foundation of the exhibition, shoes, luxe patterned fabrics made for clothes horse Empress Dowager Cixi, hats and children's clothes are also included in the show.

Just a bit more from the online shop: mini Chinese porcelain vases crafted in Jingdezhen. Imperial Chinese Robes from the Forbidden City opens December 7, 2010 and continues through February 27, 2011.


el Búho y el Mercader said...

Hi! My name is Ana, and I´m from Buenos Aires. I´ve been following your posts since july, and wanted to say that Style court is amazing. I love decor and different cultures(such as african, middle-east and japanese or chinese ones), and everything you post is inspiring; we travel through these beautiful images.I´ll visit you soon again, as always.
My boyfriend and I are starting a new project, and I wanted to leave the blog abress (I´d be grateful if you take a look, and leave a comment if you want -any recommendations?) We recycle old furniture.
Have a nice weekend!

Style Court said...

Hi Ana!

How nice to hear from you. Thanks for introducing yourself.

Courtney said...

How about those boots! They're divine. Lovely blog. Look forward to seeing you over at mine.