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A Pinkish Hue

[Straw on a wooden core (marqueterie de paille) powder box, France, Circa 1700-1730,

[Straw on a wooden core (marqueterie de paille) toilette box, France, Circa 1700-1730,

In honor of Mrs. Blandings' annual "Post Pink" campaign, I wanted to usher in October with a touch of that rosy hue. But this year I challenged myself to find a less expected decorative object. Here's hoping the pinkish tint of these antique straw boxes is not so subtle that it appears beige on your screen.

Although the old boxes might be described as precious, I was drawn to the rustic and humble nature of the medium -- straw over wood, or "marqueterie de paille." The dealer notes that the raised straw work shown above resembles embroidery, with patterns related to early-18th-century fashion. And apparently the soft pinkish shade was another au courant choice. By the way, the interior of the second box also reveals richly patterned straw work.

[A more obvious pink: Lucky Number Decorative Dahlia from Holland Bulb Farms.]

[And another dash of true pink: Chinese vase, circa 1900, detail view, Pagoda Red.]

The phoenix and crane jar in the classic baluster silhouette was spotted at Pagoda Red while gathering inspiration for a weekend DIY project -- that long put on hold "trunk table."

[Northern China, circa 1850, Pagoda Red.]

[If you look closely, there's a hint of pink in the clothing of the figures on the box.]

For more lace-like design, see Making Something Possible Out of the Impossible.

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Mrs. Blandings said...

Thank you, dear Courtney, and I adore the vase. You're the first and the best, as always. P

Treadgold said...

The chinese pots are gorgeous, reminds me of those amazing chinoiserie screens with these intricate patterns. The pink on the antique boxes looks gorgeous too...

katiedid said...

Pretty Pink Post! Love the images, especially the box in the first photo. Thanks Courtney!

yaprak dökümü final izle said...

Thank you