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Inspiration is Free: Kimono and Birmingham Weekend II

[From the left, Gate of Hell film poster via the Birmingham Museum of Art; Kimono via the V & A; background image, detail view of Japanese kimono, silk crepe (chirimen) with tie-dyeing (shibori), paste-resist dyeing (yuzen) and embroidery, 1800-1850, V & A Collection.]

In celebration of the current exhibition, Fashioning Kimono: Art Deco and Modernism in Japan, the Birmingham Museum of Art is hosting a Japanese Film Festival September 24-26. One of the films to be screened is Floating Weeds (1959), a Roger Ebert top ten pick. (Ebert describes director Yasujiro Ozu's style here.) Admission to the festival is free and guest lecturer Bob Shelton, Professor Emeritus of Film Studies at Birmingham-Southern College, will introduce the films, commenting on style and the significance of the kimono in various stories.

Just to follow up on yesterday's post, and the ongoing mentions of the the V & A's pattern series, here's another nice title: Kimono. Released summer 2010, this affordable book highlights outstanding Japanese textile patterns from the museum's collection. About $12.95. 

[Photographs courtesy Liz Banfield and Tara Guerard Soiree.]

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