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Haunted Houses

  [The Mount stables in the mist copyright The Mount.]

In late September I'm planning to post a round-up of historic houses that are open to the public for spooky tours in October. For example, in the past I've mentioned The Mount's Friday Night Fright series. (These tours are actually offered this month and will continue through October.) If you know of an architectural gem -- especially one now functioning as a museum or cultural center -- with a reputation as a terrific place to visit during the Halloween season, please share your tip in the comment section below.

[Antique edition, the works of Edgar Allan Poe, Peter Harrington bookseller.]

Lantern-led tours of Atlanta's mid-19th-century Tullie Smith Farm will be part of the festivities at the Masquerade Ball on Thursday, October 14 from 6 to 9 p.m. It's a kick-off for The Big Read, a nationwide initiative to get everyone turning the pages of great books. Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tales and poems are the focus of my city's 2010 Big Read, so a launch event with a tinge of mystery is perfect. Click here for details.

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ArchitectDesign™ said...

while not a house museum, the inn at phillips mill which I stayed in last year is most defintely haunted! You can read my post about it here

Style Court said...

Perfect! Thanks Stefan.

Janet said...

Carlyle House in Alexandria does a recreation of an 18th-century funeral during the month of October!

Style Court said...

Janet --

Makes me think of Interview with the Vampire!