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Down the Rabbit Hole

[Cara Enteles Vines, 26.5" x 22.5" Watercolor and mixed media on paper.]

In the past I've talked about my appreciation for Cara Enteles' work, so I'm happy to report that she is represented in Emily Amy Gallery's latest exhibition, Down the Rabbit Hole: The Influence of the Strange and the Familiar, opening September 10 and continuing through October 23, 2010.

Also included in the show are Georgia-based artists, Jennifer Cawley and Zuzka Vaclavik. Zuzka was the first subject of my ongoing Artists' Palettes series launched in 2009. Funny thing about that series: it led to a preoccupation with work tables and some "rabbit hole" searches of a different kind. Check out these indestructible American-made beauties from AT-95.  

Salvaged solid American White Oak planks in a bourbon finish serve as the tabletop for the Drafting Base Table. Its pedestal is cast iron in a cabriolet-style patterned after a 1920’s model. Unexpected bonus: it can withstand a 2,000 pound load.

A Double Drafting Base Table is available too. Check out the entire collection here.


Tina Steele Lindsey said...


Janet said...

I ADORE that drafting table. Just beautiful!

Blayne Beacham said...

ooohhh. the tables are very cool, but I am really taken with the painting. Such feeling! I have not actually heard of Cara, but I do really like the Emily Any gallery. i am going to go explore more now. Thanks!

Blayne Beacham said...

I like the tables a lot, but I am really taken with Cara's work. it's fascinating! I have not actually heard of her, but I do really like the Emily Amy Gallery, so I am going to check her out. Thanks!

Laura Casey Interiors said...

Love those AT-95 tables, thanks for the link.