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Boggled by Bottles

[A fossiliferous limestone snuff bottle, 1 and 7/8" high, 1750 -1860. The Joe Grimberg Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles. Sotheby's.]

There are 189 exquisite lots in The Joe Grimberg Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles, soon to be sold at auction at Sotheby's New York. Choosing just one to highlight here wasn't easy. One of the finely detailed Peking enamels or intricately carved examples would have been likely contenders. But my selection is a more organic fossiliferous limestone piece. Something about the streaky brown-and-white pattern combined with the green of the stopper. Anyone with a penchant for Chinese decorative arts -- maybe even some jewelry designers out there -- will enjoy exploring the online catalogue. Click here to see what I mean.


Anonymous said...

now that would be an auction I would love to attend :)

Mrs. Blandings said...

Courtney - thank you so much for this link. I linger forever enjoying the color combinations. And, that reclining lady? She's delightful.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!!!

Style Court said...

Patricia --

Glad you noticed her!

D and D --

Yes, really stunning collection.

VH --

My thought too :)

Emile de Bruijn said...

Limestone that looks like striped-zigzagged fabric - how very 'Courtney Barnes' :)

Style Court said...

Emile -- I love it! You have such a sharp eye.