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Michael Joins Keith

[Mexican textile via The Loaded Trunk. Shown on the left, Mexican flag and church; on the right, Michael Smith's assistant Maya sits on a sofa in Casamidy -- both scenes from Man Shops Globe, episode seven, season two, from Sundance Channel.]

I guess most everyone is familiar with the in-depth morning-after Mad Men commentary that runs in a host of national publications (Slate's entertaining analytical offerings come to mind first). If I'd been more ambitious, I would've done something similar each Thursday after Man Shops Globe. Although I didn't find time for that, at least I can share these little reminders with fellow fans.

Episode seven, the one scheduled to air on Wednesday, August 11, is a must-see for anyone passionate about textiles and/or the style of interior designer Michael Smith.  For this show, Smith joins Anthropologie's buyer-at-large, Keith Johnson, in Mexico. There are beautiful preview images over at Sundance but I don't want to be a spoiler and give away too much.  Let's just say the episode will appeal to serious chair addicts like Mrs. Blandings and me, as well as those who gravitate to a variety of Oaxacan textiles. The Mexican embroidery shown above is from The Loaded Trunk.

BTW: SCAD makes an appearence in tonight's episode of Man Shops Globe.

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Mrs. Blandings said...

Just catching up on recorded shows now. Your heads up on the last one was spot on.

Style Court said...

Welcome back Patricia!