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Kelly en Perles

[Vintage silk twill Kelly en Perles scarf via Hermes.]

You don't have to be a luxury-silk-scarf-wearing kind of girl to appreciate the very artistic site, Travel the World of Hermes. It's filled with visually inspiring images, historical tidbits, and creative videos.

[Hermes ad.]

Since I've done a few blog posts about African textiles and design this summer, some TTWOH information about Kelly en Perles caught my attention.  It seems that 13 years ago in 1997, when Hermes was celebrating the Year of Africa, an artist from Cameroon reinterpreted the iconic Kelly bag form as a face. Using embroidery and beadwork on rustic canvas, the handle became a nose and the strap a smile.  (A bit like a precursor to the recent American Express commercial,  but the face was surrounded by geometric forms evocative of traditional African art.)

This year that original design can be seen reinvented in the form of a scarf. Actually two different Hermes scarves: the classic 28" x 28" and the less expensive 33" x 2" Twilly.

I've always admired how some women mix vintage Hermes scarves with well-worn Levi's, and I've been thinking a lot about the renewed interest in denim and indigo (if you've never heard much about Japanese indigo, this site is a must). So, when I saw the September 2010 Elle Decor,  my eye went right to one of John Robshaw's earlier paintings, a denim-and-bleach piece from his art school days that's highlighted as being among the 12 things he can't live without. (Page 74.)

[Full image and detail view both Elle Decor, Portrait and still lifes photographed by Rebecca Greenfield.]


studioJudith said...

I continue to be amused and amazed with every visit to TTWOH ... endless delights, indeed.
I've played with the tangrams and downloaded several versions of screen savers. Did you ever print out the patterns to make your own (cardboard) Kelly bag ?
Such fun -


Style Court said...

Hi Judith,

Meg has done the cardboard bag! (Meg over at and I love the screensavers too. So easy to get lost on that site :)

The Peak of Chic said...

Well Courtney, now I can blame you for not getting any work done! I could spend hours on that website!!!